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Why Doesn’t God Tell You Why?

 “Surrender yourself to the LORD and wait patiently for him.” Psalm 37:7

One reason people struggle with contentment is because we’re always looking for explanations for why things happen in our lives. But God doesn’t tell us why most things happen, and that can frustrate us. Sometimes God doesn’t tell you why because he’s testing you. He wants to see if you will let go of control and learn to be content, whether he explains why something happens in your life. God doesn’t owe you an explanation for anything. You’re not going to know why most things happen until you get to heaven.

When I was a little kid, the only time our school classroom was quiet was during a test. The teacher would say, “No talking! Take your pencils and fill out your tests.” Even the teacher would be silent.

When God is silent in your life – when you don’t hear him, and he feels like he’s a million miles away – that is a test! The teacher is always silent when the students take a test – but the teacher is still present with the students.

When God is silent in your life, your faith is being tested—but God is still with you. In that test, will you let go of control, or will you grab on more tightly? Will you learn to be content? The Bible says, “Surrender yourself to the Lord, and wait patiently for him” (Psalm 37:7). When you go through pain next week or next month or this year, you don’t really need God’s explanation.

You need God’s presence. Let go of control and surrender yourself to him.

Clifford Gadafi Kasim

Clifford Gadafi Kasim is a dynamic apostolic voice to the world. He is gifted with the Healing power of God that has affected thousands of people under his ministry. Rev. Clifford Gadafi Kasim has a rare gift for presenting the deep and profound truths of the Word in a simple and easily understood way. He is the founder and general overseer of the Initiators of Change Ministries. He is also the head of a school network found in many Senior High Schools in Ghana, called World Changers. Its core purpose is to raise an army of soul winners to bring men back to God and restore man to his original position. An accomplished author, Rev. Clifford Gadafi Kasim has penned more than 25 books and a monthly newsletter “Manna from Heaven”.

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