Initiators of Change Ministries

(Win the Lost At All Cost)

Destroying Generational Authority


  • In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, I break the power of every negative pronouncement (enchantment, curses, divination, spell and incantation) released upon my destiny, household, ministry or business through generational authority or power.

  • Altars of generational poverty, covenant, stagnation, curses, failure, bad-luck operating in my bloodline, be crushed by the fire and thunder of God, in the Mighty name of Jesus.

  • In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, any curse placed on my ancestral line by anybody cheated, maltreated or at the point of death, break by fire mixed with thunder.

  • In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, every garment of ancestral infirmity, diseases, sicknesses, untimely death, poverty, hardship, disfavour, dishonour, shame and failure at the edge of breakthroughs, passed down to my generation, be destroyed by fire.