The Man I See Him As

To the one who’s been a father and a friend
To the one who sometimes takes on more than he can bear
To the one who has received grace to do the uncommon things of the earth
To the one who has shown love in more ways than one can imagine

Hold on… do not get carried away. I am not talking of Jesus here. I speak of a mere man like you and me, born in flesh with blood as red as crimson running through his veins. A man with flaws like you and me, a man who has faults just as we all do but I speak of a man, who walks as Jesus walked. A man who has selflessly given the Lord his all. A man who seeks for the wellbeing of others more than he even does his own. A man who would give his last penny to enable one feed whiles he goes hungry in his home.

I see a man who has but one aim; to raze hell by winning the lost at all cost for Jesus. I see a man who will push you so hard to the wall just to have you unleash your God-given potential. I see a man who loves the Lord so much he would rather have us launch into the deep to win souls for the kingdom of God on the day of his birth, rather than have a banquet held in his honour. I see a man who would roll up his sleeves to join the people of God walk in the dust and sweat in the sun just to win one more for Jesus.

I see a man; a man who is humble, so humble that he would listen to an ignoramus blabber on about a topic he has full knowledge and a firm grasp on. I see a man who would still open up his arms in love to embrace the very ones that betray him whiles placing kisses on his cheek. I see a man who knows he is being lied to yet smiles and says it is well.

I see a man who will fight for the gospel to the very last drop of his blood. I see a man who places the house of God before his needs and wants that he would not mind wearing the same shoes for months just to see the house of his father adorned with the finest of the land.

It is well; indeed it is well. That has become our anthem now. I see a man who has taught us to believe that no matter what the devil or life throws our way, it is well. A man who believes that God is with us and will never let us down. A man who believes that though the vision tarries, it will surely come to pass.

This is the kind of man Rev. Cliff is. Sir, today, we the leaders and members of ICM salute you. We bless the name of the Lord for your life and we honour Him for preserving your life. Age with grace, humility and the fear of the Lord.

Happy blessed birthday Rev.

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