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Cross Over Service (31st December)

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Welcome To the World of Change

Initiators of Change Ministries welcomes you to a life transforming experience in the presence of God. Be aware undoubtedly that it is never a mistake to find yourself on this website. We are very certain that you will receive all the blessings from God that pertains to your presence here. The church is opened to all persons irrespective of your gender, age, race, social status and affiliations. We are mandated by God to win the lost at all cost, raise competent leaders and prepare God’s people for heaven. This is a great family you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of being part of. We will like you to take advantage of all the information on our website in other to experience Gods beautiful presence and blessings. Have a nice time on this website and make it a point to contact us via the various contact details provided on this platform. We will love to hear from you. Stay blessed!